Address: Castelvecchio Subequo


This church is one of the many churches in this area dedicated to San Rocco.   They usually stood outside the town because San Rocco was the protector against plague and during outbreaks, to avoid contagion, patients were admitted to these churches and buried there in the event of their death. 
Inside to the left of the altar there is a fresco of San Rocco with the attributes of the pilgrim looking up to the sky and an angel healing the wounds.  
On the right is a miniature painted sailing ship with a lifeboat in reference to the plague epidemics that ships, mainly from the East, imported into our territory. The fresco was created in 1525, as is indicated by the date engraved on it.  
Another fresco, located on the right-hand wall of the church, shows a young San Rocco next to the Madonna and Child on the throne. 
On the left-hand wall at the bottom are votive offerings testifying to the miraculous interventions of the saint.