Address: Piazza San Francesco, Castelvecchio Subequo

Entrance: Free

Telefono Fisso : 086470135


The museum is housed in the sacristy of the church of St. Francis of Assisi and contains a rich collection of vestments and sacred vessels among them the Pasquarella, as well as valuable silver reliquaries like that of the blood of Saint Francis.

The Pasquarella

The Pasquarella is a statue of the Virgin, 30 cm high with a base decorated with a simple tunnel pattern, formed by niches and tripartite arches at the centre of which you can see angels through the pale blue glaze. The Virgin Mary is holding the clothed baby on her left and on either side of her are two angels, also dressed, with their hands crossed on their chests. On the lower part, opposite each angel, there is a circular ring that forms a hole intended to hold candles.

The Reliquary of the blood of St. Francis

The family of the Counts of Celano, who hosted Saint Francis in Castelvecchio, was given a vial of blood which came from the wounds of his Stigmata. It was the lords of this family who, in the 14th century, gave the religious relic to the Convent of Castelvecchio. The vial of blood is kept in a reliquary from the 14th century, and consists of an octagonal crystal tube, resting on two pedestals of silver, and decorated with figures of angels with the coat of arms of the Counts of Celano. Both ancient and modern historians said that this blood, on the feast of the Stigmata, always used to liquefy right up until the religious suppression of 1860. Today the miracle no longer occurs, but the people of the Valley Subequana still hold a great reverence for this relic.